4 more kinds fo food to make your face look healthy!

Here are the other 4 kinds of food to make your face look healthy. 
I’ve posted the first 5 foods last week.


Brighten Up with Sunflower Seeds

Loaded with vitamin E, sunflower seeds keep your skin supple by protecting its top layers from the sun. Eat a handful daily. A high essential-fatty-acid content makes sunflower seed oil a treat for parched body parts, such as lips and heels.


7) Zap Zits with Kidney Beans

They’re high in zinc, and studies indicate a correlation between blemishes and low zinc levels. “That may be because of zinc’s healing properties.” Have a four-ounce serving of kidney beans to help you stay in the clear. In addition, studies show topical zinc to be as effective against acne as antibiotics are.


8) Even Out Your Skin Tone with Soy

Drink a latte with soy milk or eat edamame and you may get a clearer complexion. “Soy contains minerals and proteins that have been shown to reduce hyperpigmentation. One cup a day should yield results


9) Green Tea
My fave 😉

“It’s very high in antioxidants, particularly one named EGCG, which is proved to reduce rednes. Studies have also demonstrated that green tea helps fight inflammation. Drink at least one cup of green tea a day.

That’s it!
Try it out and let me know what you think.
i have been trying some of them and I really think they make my face look ~more healthy.

Please like/comment if you read/try!


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