This Is Maria Menounos’ Everyday Routine for a Flat Belly

I just needed to share this post. I think these tips are perfect for people who can’t find the time to exercise. I try to squeeze my abs with everything I do and I honestly feel like it’s paying off!

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maria-m-snacking Photo: Courtesy of Maria Menounos

Between her work as an actress, producer, best-selling author, Special Olympics ambassador, Dancing with the Stars contestant, andreality TV star—Maria Menounos is busy. So how does she stay so fit (after famously losing 40 pounds and keeping it off), and shape those amazing abs? The former Health cover star shared the details of her everyday strategies with us.

What she eats

“I do believe what people say, that abs are made in the kitchen,” Menounos says. “What you eat is going to make a big difference. Eating healthy and eating clean is the best way to reach your goals.” So what does she mean by “clean”? Here’s a typical day for her:

Breakfast: “Most mornings I start with a smoothie,” she explains. “My favorite has Greek yogurt, almonds, apple, banana, cinnamon, and a little bit of skim milk. It’s…

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